Estate Agents in Stourbridge

Are you looking for a good estate agent to help you manage your property? If so, then there are a number of attributes that they should have for them to be great at their job. This article will highlight some of those traits helping you find the best estate agents in stourbridge. Here are those traits:

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1. They are client motivated

A good agent should be client motivated. The reason why this is important is because; an agent depends on the client for him or her to get paid. If he or she is not client motivated, the chances of your property remaining vacant, and therefore, bringing forth no income is very high. A good agent will put the needs of the client first ensuring that they are satisfied. Buying or selling property is not an easy thing. That is why; an agent should ensure that the client is more than satisfied with the service he or she has received.

2. They are proactive

Another important attribute that a good estate agent should posses is they should be proactive. They should be proactively communicating with existing clients, calling potential buyers, and chasing new leads constantly. Keeping the client well-informed is one aspect of being proactive. If the vice versa is what is happening and the client is the one regularly calling the agent, then it means that he or she is not well-informed and the agent is not doing his or her job.

3. They are more than willing to refer you to their last 5 clients

A good estate agent will not be afraid to give you his or her last 5 clients for reference. In fact, he or she will be more than willing to do so. If you come across an agent who is not willing to do this, then run away from him or her as fast as possible.

4. They communicate

If you are planning to sell or buy a house, you need to deal with an agent who possesses great communication skills. It is very stressful dealing with one who is a poor communicator. The property market is a very sensitive one and delays can be very costly, that is why you need a property agent who will inform you immediately an opportunity comes forth. One of the biggest frustrations you will ever face is dealing with an agent who does not communicate. It is, therefore, critical that an agent regularly communicates with the client because information that may seem insignificant to the agent might be really valuable to the client.

5. They listen

Communicating alone is not enough; a good agent also has to have good listening skills. It is always a good idea to be wary of an agent who talks too much. If you communicate with one and he does not listen to you, then know that there is a problem somewhere. Because you are the client, you are the one who is supposed to do much of the talking. The job of the agent is to listen attentively and ensure that he or she understands your special requests and needs.

There are other qualities that a good property agent should have. These five are among them. Therefore, if you are looking for estate agents in Stourbridge, make sure that the one you go for meets all these qualities.