Home Decorating

When you are thinking of decorating your home, many factors have to be considered. Such as "where will I put my new cheap refrigerators" or do I need air conditioning. These can cause many headaches when decorating a property. This is because listed properties should ideally, not have external condensers or venting systems. So, where should you put them? You may also be one of those homeowners who just do not want your air conditioning units to be seen, probably because they offend your sense of style. In such situations, you need to come up with creative ideas to hide your air conditioning unit and still have the decor that you want.

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Get Air Conditioning Units Without External Attachments

When decorating your home, you can assign a space that is away from prying eyes. The space will be where you put in your air conditioning units within the home. However, you must ensure that the whole system is internal. No part of the air conditioning system should be put outside. In order to achieve this goal, you need a unit that has no external vents or condenser box. Units that are based on water cooling technology come to mind. They are usually small, compact, and do not interfere without your overall home dcor.

Use a Fence to Hide the Air Conditioning Unit

Who said that fences are meant just for protection? You can have a special fence put at the side or back of the home where the air conditioning unit has been installed. The fence should fit in with the rest of the landscaping in order to avoid being the focal point. However, the fence will not be for protection. Rather it will act as a way to ensure that the air conditioning unit is not an eye sore. When you need to fix it, all you have to do is get through the fence and deal with the problem. Otherwise, the unit stays enclosed and away from sight.

Build a Wall to Hide Air Conditioning Unit

If part or the whole of your air conditioning unit is within the home and too big to ignore, you have to get creative. You can build an additional wall to act as a partition that hides the air conditioning unit from the rest of the dcor. You can even find a way to make the colours or the unit and the wall a match to ensure it blends in. You can even fix a seat on the usable part of the added wall to get yourself extra seating space that adds to the dcor.

Use Plants to Hide Air Conditioning Unit

Live plants are a great way to disguise an air conditioning unit. You need plants that will grow within the allocated space to cover the area in which the unit has been placed. You will get to add a green feel to your dcor and hide the air conditioning unit at the same time.